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It's More Than Just Another Birthday!

It's More Than Just Another Birthday!

This past Monday (1/28), my mother celebrated her 58th birthday (I think lol but don’t quote me😅). Lol the only thing I know to be a fact is that it was her birthday, I just can’t seem to recall the age right now. But ANYWAY... lol.

So about a week or so before her birthday, I asked her what we were doing for her birthday. She replied, “nothing”. To you that may be a surprising response, but for me and those who really know her, that’s normal. It’s rare that my mother wants to do anything to celebrate her. A typical response when she’s asked what she wants for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas is pretty simple. She’ll say something like, “oh I just want some slippers”, “I’ll take a Walmart gift card”, “or just give me a couple of dollars”. None of that came this year, so I just put a couple of dollars in a card.

Her birthday fell on a Monday this year. So of course I had to work, but after work, I went over to her house. I went in, hugged her, gave her her card, and plopped down on the couch. For a while I kinda just was on my phone and not really engaging much. But I was. Felt kinda similar to how I used to be with MomMom sometimes. Like at times, just being around the people I love is enough for me. No words, no big activity, just being there. Then I became fully present. We started talking and then my brother came in. Then I got a little quiet again. Then I came back. 

You might be thinking that I was being rude. But you’re wrong, I wasn’t. I was in my head because you see, things could have been a lot different for me this year. I literally could have been MOURNING the loss of every single one of these people in this photograph! 😔💔 So I wasn’t being rude, I was being thankful, quietly.

So a couple of months ago, I’m doing Lyft and I get a call from my mother. She’s like oh your dad’s being taken to Urgent Care because he couldn’t walk. 🤔 Lady what?! Then she says she’s on her way down there (cuz he was in Bowie watching football with his boys) and that she would call me and let me know what’s going on. So then she calls and says he’s being transferred to the hospital (where he should have gone straight to in the first place, but who am I and what do I know 🙄) because his blood pressure was sky high. So they transfer him back up here (Baltimore) and run some tests. Come to find out, shorty had a mini stroke, but not that night. He had it prior to and just kept on going on about life as if nothing happened. 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ Like y’all, strokes take people OUTTA here. It’s weird though because early last year, my dad was helping me to get rid of the some stuff. I was bringing stuff to him and he was loading the truck. So I went back to get more things and when I came back to the back porch, he was getting up off of the ground. Scared the living day lights outta me! I didn’t know what happened! He said he missed the bottom step but idk, it just didn’t seem right to me. Like you walk up and down these steps all the time, and multiple times today, now your missing steps ? 🤔 Ok, I guess. But from then on, I didn’t want him doing anything over here, like not cutting the grass and stuff. Not because I wasn’t grateful but because I just didn’t know if he would “miss a step” again, pass out, have a heart attack, ANYTHING. So that was the after Thanksgiving debacle. 

About a week goes by. I’m at church watching a movie. I decided to leave because yeah, well I just did lol. So as I’m leaving, my aunt stops me and tells me that my mother is going to Patient First because her blood pressure is “high”. So I don’t think too much of it, I just decide I’m gonna pop up on them (her and my dad) there, you know since my dad just got out of the hospital and all. So I get there and her blood pressure is 180/110! Do y’all know what that means?! That’s a HYPERTENSIVE CRISIS! AKA, YOU CAN HAVE A STROKE! There are also many other things that could go wrong, such as, heart attack, loss of consciousness, loss of kidney functioning, and pulmonary edema, JUST TO NAME A FEW! Like am I really here, in this place (mentally and emotionally) AGAIN, wondering about the possibility of losing a parent?! Like this really can’t be life. What’s this about man?! So they tell her she needs to go to the hospital. She’s kept until the medicine lowers it and is instructed to follow up with her doctor, which she did and got on medication. 

So time draws nearer to Christmas. I told them that they can stop crying out for attention now because I DON’T HAVE TIME for all of theatrics and dramatics! If they keep it up, CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED! So as some of you know (from my Instagram story), I cancelled Christmas for the Robinson household)!

😱😱😱 Why would you do that Maya (Muff)?!

Because they PLAYED with me for a THIRD time and did NOT adhere to my VERY CLEAR instructions, THAT’S WHY! THEY STRESSED ME OUT, YET AGAIN. 

It’s a couple of days before Christmas and we’re at a family game night, laughing, talking, playing games, eating and drinking. We’re all having a grand ole time. So my brother decides he wants to get a piece of rum cake (because he’s such a LUSH 😅). He’s sitting beside me so I’m like, “ohhhhh give me a piece!!”, his response, “no get your own”! 🙄 So I try one more time and he blocks my hand, because he’s a JERK and needs serious prayer. 🤷🏽‍♀️🙃 But ANYWAY, he basically inhales the cake. So a few minutes later, he’s like, “was it nuts in this cake, because my throat is itching!?”. So we all look like 😳😳😳, as we’re waiting for the answer! Low and behold there WERE peanuts in the cake! So he’s like aight I need a Benadryl! So he takes the Benadryl and nothing happens. Well something does happen, he gets WORSE. Starts turning all red and swelling up. Then after a few minutes, he says that he’s going home and proceeds to go to the car. My aunt (a nurse) catches him and is like where are you going?! He replies and tells her home, at this point, she could HEAR that his throat was closing which was blocking his airway. So she’s like, NO! You need to go to the emergency room! He refuses because he didn’t want to pay the hospital bill 🙄😴😒but finally obliged to going to patient first. Which, if I can add my two cents, was stupid! So he gets there and they immediately call 911 and give him a dose of the epipen. So they get him to the hospital and say they want to keep him until 2am to see how he responds to all of the medication that they had been giving him. Well his throat was still swollen so they wouldn’t release him. So now this fool is fussing because he wants to leave and get food 🤔. Did he forget that he was just like half dead a few hours ago?! Like he literally was trying to go home. Had my aunt not caught up to him, he would have been dead. He would have gone home, fallen asleep and his airway would have closed up COMPLETELY! He would have been home alone and not able to call 911. He would have literally DIED IN HIS SLEEP. I really don’t think grateful is the correct term to use when I think about my aunt stopping him and saving his life. But I do want y’all to know that if: 1. He would have let me have a piece, I could have saved him the trouble and told him it was nuts in it! and 2. He wouldn’t have a Patient First bill, ambulance bill, AND hospital bill had he just let them drive him straight to the hospital! See that’s what happens when you try to be mean to your big sister 🤗🤗🤗😫😖😂

Lol jokes over. But seriously y’all, they had me STRESSED OUT!

Within a span of like three weeks, ALL THREE OF THEM COULD HAVE BEEN DEAD!

DEAD! 😵☠️😵



Idk man. That’s all I know is that I’m grateful. Grateful to have my mother. Grateful to have my father. Grateful to have my brother. Life is short. Value your loved ones. Enjoy the moments you share with them. Let go of the petty things that you may be holding on to. GROW UP. Make  amends with your family. If they haven’t legitimately tried to hurt you, LET IT GO, and spend as much time with them as you can. Even if they have tried to hurt you, LET IT GO, and move on with your life accordingly. There’s enough hardships in life as it is, don’t add the pain of guilt and regret to your plate. I’m pretty sure you’ll regret not spending enough time with them more than you’ll regret spending too much time with them. 





I’ve Waited Years for This!

I’ve Waited Years for This!